MDL Marina rock the boat at Southampton Boat Show

With locations in the UK, Italy and Spain as well as an extensive network in France, MDL Marinas is Europe’s leading marina group. The focus for this year’s Southampton Boat Show involved a subtle repositioning of the organisation, aiming to promote its locations as exciting leisure hubs and destinations in their own right – much more than just somewhere to keep your boat! So when planning its presence for 2017, the emphasis needed to be placed heavily on the social element – helping to reposition MDL Marinas visually and through a comprehensive range of events, launches, competitions and hospitality throughout.

cook_web_adminMDL Marina rock the boat at Southampton Boat Show
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Reporting for duty at DSEI, London

This year’s DSEI was one of the busiest to date for Cook & Associates, supporting five clients with a 7-day build-up period as well as the 4 show days. As always, there were some interesting construction challenges for our 25-strong onsite team! These included accommodating a larger than expected mine clearing vehicle to feature on the front of Pearson Engineering’s stand – a giant exhibit at some 7m long by nearly 4m wide! Eye-catching stands for Revision Military, FLIR Systems, Pearson Engineering and MOOG were matched by the largest ever for Ultra Electronics. High profile events such as DSEI pose some off the floor challenges as well – with security at an all-time high, contractors including our team spent a fair bit of time either getting locked into the site or locked out, sometimes for hours at a time! 

cook_web_adminReporting for duty at DSEI, London
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All in just a month! – spotlight on September

Cook & Associates’ 2017 calendar is one of our busiest ever, taking in more than 50 shows around the world. During one month alone – September – we were responsible for supporting 14 clients at 9 different shows on 3 continents! Here’s a snapshot of how it panned out….

cook_web_adminAll in just a month! – spotlight on September
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VR Configurator for AIM Altitude – AIX Hamburg 2017

Designed by Mediasphere and using the HTC Vive System in our specially created Virtual Studio area, AIM Altitude’s customers could explore a section of the cabin of a wide-body aircraft, interacting with furniture designs and even sitting on a central sofa.  The solution included configurable cabin objects through an intuitive menu system – controlling material, colour, finish, accessory and lighting options.  Hugely popular and a star attraction at the show!

cook_web_adminVR Configurator for AIM Altitude – AIX Hamburg 2017
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Spotlight on Electronica 2016

There is one bi-ennial event that reflects the entire world of electronics – Electronica in Munich. With 2,750 exhibitors and over 70,000 visitors in 2016, it has grown over the last 50 years into a mammoth event – occupying 143,000 square metres across 13 halls. For Electronic Specifier, Europe’s premier publisher of information resources to the global electronics industry, the objectives for the 2016 show focused on two key elements: a welcoming and spacious hospitality area, and an eye-catching presence to attract visitors and help build ES’ database.

cook_web_adminSpotlight on Electronica 2016
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Quality without Compromise: Stratajet Adopts the Cook & Associates’ Way for its US Exhibit Strategy

For European and international companies looking to exhibit on the North American circuit, the whole process can be both challenging, exorbitantly expensive and stressful. Replicating the same quality of exhibition presence on another continent, with different methodologies, requires careful planning and a strong partnership approach. Stratajet is a private jet online booking company, headquartered in the UK and now with representation in 44 countries across Europe.

cook_web_adminQuality without Compromise: Stratajet Adopts the Cook & Associates’ Way for its US Exhibit Strategy
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People News

Introducing Jas – our budding digital marketing talent! Jasmine (Jas) Taylor is the latest recruit to join our apprentice scheme, joining the Sales Team under the supervision of business development manager Tom Hawes. This is the 7th year of our graduate and apprenticeship induction programme – five of our apprentices are now full-time employees, underlining the scheme’s all-round success. Jas made the decision to go down the apprenticeship route in order to combine her desire to gain qualifications with real-world experience, something she felt that a university degree per se would not deliver. She signed up with 3aaa, an organisation that specialises in the delivery of professional services apprenticeships, including Jas’ chosen field of Digital Marketing. After jumping into the high-octane exhibition management sector, Jas feels she is benefiting on all fronts:

cook_web_adminPeople News
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Partnership Profile: DB Systems – at the cutting edge of event technology

DB Systems is one of Cook & Associates’ longest-standing partners, dating back to shortly after when the company was formed in 1993. Over 20 years on, both organisations continue to innovate on the world’s exhibition scene, working together to deliver innovative new event technology and concepts. DB Systems is a global provider of Audio Visual (AV) and IT rental services for the exhibition, event, conference and experiential industries. Established in 1994, DB Systems today has positioned itself as a market leader in event technology. In addition to equipment hire, DB Systems now provides connectivity solutions through its Event Networks division, and digital and interactive solutions through its Pixelhouse division. An experienced team, extensive inventory and unrivalled quality of service are hallmarks of DB System’s approach.

cook_web_adminPartnership Profile: DB Systems – at the cutting edge of event technology
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Immersive Technology – Making a Statement with Virtual Reality

For creative CGI and virtual reality company Mediasphere, the brief to create a VR power wall as the centrepiece of AIM Altitude’s 2016 exhibition stand in Hamburg was the ideal opportunity to demonstrate how visualisation techniques can play a vital role in customer engagement and the overall design process. The ability to represent the final product in virtual reality, give on-stand visitors the means to immerse themselves in the actual environment and view the products from “within”, all with a true sense of scale and space, is an important new tool in the sales and marketing armoury. Greg Peacock, 3D Artist, explains how Mediasphere approached the project.

cook_web_adminImmersive Technology – Making a Statement with Virtual Reality
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SD’s Mission Critical Launch at EBACE

Satcom Direct (SD) is a leading player in the field of global communications services, support, and technology, with a major emphasis on the business and general aviation markets, as well as military, government, emergency response, and media. SD has established itself as an innovative provider of a complete “cockpit to cabin” service set, accompanied by outstanding customer support. EBACE this year was an important milestone, involving a major product launch for SD that required a special booth approach. Marketing Manager Catherine Rost explains:

cook_web_adminSD’s Mission Critical Launch at EBACE
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