FLIR System’s New Look for 2015

At this year’s DSEI event in London, FLIR Systems unveiled a brand new look with an impressively spacious and open new exhibition stand, once again designed and built by Cook & Associates. For visitors used to seeing FLIR Systems’ previous “look”, which was very much end-user environment and application focused, the 2015 stand is very different – occupying the same footprint in what has become the company’s regular spot on the exhibition floor. FLIR Systems has recently undergone a number of organisational changes, and the objective was to reflect this in the next generation stand design – starting with the 195 square metre DSEI stand and then continuing the theme through HeliTech, the Dubai Air Show and a number of other international events.

cook_web_adminFLIR System’s New Look for 2015
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Showcasing MRO around the World

The world of commercial aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) is highly specialist, covering everything from engine overhaul, airframe maintenance, line maintenance, modifications, and components. Forecasts estimate that the MRO market will be valued at around US $37 billion by 2020 (source Statista 2015), underlining its scope and scale. Cook & Associates has been supporting clients at MRO events around the world for over 10 years, reflecting our specialist knowledge of this industry and ability to provide the same high levels of quality and service cost-effectively irrespective of whether the show is in Singapore, Europe, the Middle East or America.

cook_web_adminShowcasing MRO around the World
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Latin America – The Opportunities and The Challenges

For many organisations, Latin America is an intriguing and often untapped market. But doing business there can be frustrating – from the challenges of bringing goods and exhibition stand components in through customs, to getting the right quality results due to lack of local knowledge and supplier contacts. Within the aviation sector in particular, the business potential is considerable – with international companies securing major contracts as a result of maintaining a strong presence at events such as LABACE in Brazil and FIDAE in Chile. Cook & Associates’ Operations Manager Duncan Williams has many years’ experience of working in Latin America. He explains some of the most important considerations to take on board:

cook_web_adminLatin America – The Opportunities and The Challenges
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Making an Impact at IDEX – Provincial Aerospace Aims High

Headquartered in Canada, Provincial Aerospace is a world leader in airborne and maritime surveillance.  With a long track record of firsts, the company is a vertically integrated aerospace and defence company with a focus on mission systems integration, in-service support, surveillance operations and aircraft modifications. Exhibiting on the world stage is a key component of its strategic marketing.  This year, Provincial Aerospace decided to add an exhibition first at the 2015 IDEX exhibition held in Abu Dhabi in February, with a new double decker booth designed to give the company a high profile in front of its many key stakeholders in the UAE. 

cook_web_adminMaking an Impact at IDEX – Provincial Aerospace Aims High
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Designing the Future – Nurturing Graduate Talent with the University of Lincoln

Back in 2010, Cook & Associates embarked on a graduate and apprenticeship induction programme that has gone from strength to strength. Design Director Jamie Williams is passionate about furthering design excellence and best practice in future generations, and has consistently looked for ways of nurturing young talent. Exhibition design is a highly specialist area, which has undergone enormous changes over the past couple of decades. Jamie expands:

cook_web_adminDesigning the Future – Nurturing Graduate Talent with the University of Lincoln
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A Fresh Look for AIM Altitude at Aircraft Interiors Expo

2015 represented the ideal opportunity for leading aircraft cabin design and development company, AIM Altitude, to introduce a brand new exhibition look at its annual showcase event, Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. AIM Altitude’s Industrial Designer Ross Burns, who was responsible for managing the booth creation, explains the whole approach:

cook_web_adminA Fresh Look for AIM Altitude at Aircraft Interiors Expo
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Interactive Marketing for AIM Altitude

Providing trade show delegates with interactive resources of information that they can navigate quickly and intuitively immerses them in your brand and product. The ability to email data from that resource brings other clear benefits. ecoXpress ™ is award-winning e-literature software from our preferred content creation partners, DBpixelhouse. DB takes pdf brochures and integrates them with a bespoke, brand-centric interactive touchscreen system, where delegates can email the literature to themselves.

cook_web_adminInteractive Marketing for AIM Altitude
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Farnborough 2014 – Kallman’s biggest and best chalet experience to date!

For nearly 20 years, Kallman Worldwide has provided a high quality, professional and well-equipped environment for exhibitors via its unique blend of chalets and pavilions. One of the essential Kallman ingredients is providing smaller organisations with an affordable prime location from which to participate at major international events. 

cook_web_adminFarnborough 2014 – Kallman’s biggest and best chalet experience to date!
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A Helping Hand

Over the past years, Cook & Associates has been supporting a very special charity – the National Patients Support Trust (NPST). Established in 1994, the charity focuses on patients with life-threating and life-limiting medical conditions, with a particular emphasis on young people. Through a combination of grants and support via key medical personnel, the NPST makes a real difference in the local community, providing vital funding for a wide variety of needs.

cook_web_adminA Helping Hand
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