Introducing Exhibition 3.0

Our world has changed virtually overnight, leading to a transformation in the way we live, work and most importantly how we are connecting with each other. It creates a real opportunity to embrace something exciting and new – and we’d like to introduce you to our vision of the new reality.

Imagine an environment where potential clients and companies can digitally interact with each other, without losing the human connection. This is Exhibition 3.0 – the result of intensive development and testing, it represents a completely new approach to staging virtual events.

It’s suitable for a wide cross-section of applications, from full scale events for large audiences of 500+, to specialist training solutions designed to overcome social distancing challenges and ensure that organisations can continue to operate successfully. We believe that it has the potential to become an essential part of every forward-thinking organisation’s “normal” communications process in the future.

What is Exhibition 3.0

Our Exhibition 3.0 solution is a completely new concept that combines the essential components of modern exhibition principles with all the benefits of the latest digital tools.

The 3.0 Toolkit is a comprehensive and growing collection of building blocks, enabling us to create uniquely customised digital event solutions that fit your needs exactly. These communication tools are all developed to maintain the inter-human connection, helping your brand to thrive in the digital era:

  • Modular Components: mix and match the required elements to make up a customised Exhibition 3.0 package.
  • Welcome: a virtual portal acts as a pre-function area where visitors can network, explore more about your company and access the live sessions.
  • Participation and Interaction: multiple options for different session types – central, breakout, one to one, covering one to many, group to group and video to video.
  • Compelling Content: our design team will bring your content alive with augmented reality, complete virtual stages and more, keeping your audience rapt and attentive.
  • Virtual Collaboration: adding full 3D elements to bring concepts to life and explain complex content.
  • Future-proof Investment: designed for seamless integration with physical events, we ensure that the digital connection can always be maintained, bringing your audiences in from wherever they are based. All our products have a legacy trail, preserving your investment and enabling future evolution.
  • Behind the Scenes: we make sure that every element runs smoothly, whether helping visitors connect to the digital world or maintaining perfect event performance.

With a combination of smart content development, live online interaction, and complete event direction/management, we help companies to reach out to their audiences while creating a lasting impact.

How can we help

As a global brand experience company, we pride ourselves on thinking out of the box. With our new Exhibition 3.0 approach, our clients benefit from the hallmark Cook & Associates blend of creativity, inspirational design, innovative digital technology and execution excellence. Each project is custom designed to meet the brief, deliver on strategy and above all, ensure customer engagement and results.

If you think that this is something you can take advantage of to keep your business thriving, despite market challenges, we can help. Contact us for more information on how “Exhibition 3.0” can change your next event and ensure you deliver a lasting experience for your clients.

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