Living in the Moment

28 Mar, 2022
Cook + Associates | Insightful Blogs

Spring is here, the clocks have gone forward and it’s great to be looking ahead to a full calendar of events. We’ve had a positive start to the year, and things continue to look optimistic. We are so happy at finally seeing event levels return to the numbers of pre-pandemic, with a substantial increase in physical client and delegate attendance. Even though event normality hasn’t completely returned to the industry, we are far closer than we were 6 months ago.

As we look ahead to the excitement of new shows and possibilities this year, there is a more emotional aspect to this new world than perhaps we once thought. Living in the 21st century has become all-consumed with the mobile generation, spending hour after hour scrolling, liking, and retweeting content, not helped by lockdowns and isolation periods.

2020 turned everyone’s world virtual. Across remote working, connecting with family and even online shopping, there was a disconnect in the fundamental social aspects of human nature. When national lockdowns hit, there was no longer the ability to bump into someone at the pub, Christmases were smaller than before, with fewer friends and family and face-to-face conversation being kept between just those within your household.

With the normality of the world is returning, it’s perhaps more important now than ever to ensure we don’t take our freedom for granted and really treasure our time, our family, and our experiences. Forbes magazine predicted the 21st century may have it’s very own roaring 20s, stating “there is a pent up demand of people who wish to seek deeper, more meaningful connections with their community through experiences” after being restricted for so long. We’ve seen evidence of this already from attendance at the Euros 2020 to UK summer festivals selling out in record time.

As a brand experience agency, we create moments that ensure we live in the moment. A live brand experience can provide value, fulfilling a human desire for a unique experience. It revolves around engaging moments that lead consumers on an unforgettable brand journey, making visitors look up from their phones and experience something amazing around them. There is a need for brands to re-establish connections with delegates and, in turn, brand experiences need to facilitate this need with a flare of creativity, community, and digital extensions. You can read more about the return to the show floor here:

So perhaps one of the biggest lessons Covid has taught us is to appreciate every moment and experience just that little bit more. Maybe our century will have its own roaring 20’s to celebrate too!