Light Up the Sky: The power of Drones and Projections

10 May, 2023
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Across the bank holiday weekend, people throughout the UK, the Commonwealth and the rest of the world celebrated the Coronation of King Charles III. From parades to the Red Arrows, the weekend was full of fantastic events but none more breath-taking than the Coronation Concert, which took visual events to a new dimension with the largest multi-location drone show and projection mapping displays.

As millions around the world watched, the stage outside of Windsor Castle bought together cutting-edge technology, artistic creativity, and British heritage to ‘light up the nation’ and raise awareness of conservation through a truly unforgettable experience. Advanced software and high-powered projectors turned the castle into a dynamic canvas for light and motion, and viewers were taken on a breathtaking journey through British history and culture. From the Tudor dynasty to the modern-day monarchy, the projection mapping displays were a testament to the power of technology to enhance live events.

As the evening continued drone shows took centre stage accompanied by Simple Minds “Don’t You Forget About Me’. A total of 11 locations welcomed celestial choreography with hundreds of drones flying in formation to create a variety of shapes like butterflies, bees and tigers in the sky. With precision flying and dynamic lighting effects, the drones put on an aerial spectacle that was visible from miles around and left audiences in awe. A clear display of live event design at its most majestic.

Drone shows have become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. The performances reinforced the status of drone shows as not only a regular fixture in large event entertainment but perhaps the main attraction for night-time celebrations, their ability to program the drones to fly in formations and patterns offer a level of sustainability, precision and choreography that threatens to make fireworks obsolete whilst presenting a new variation for visual entertainment.

The combination of drone shows, and projection mapping was truly something special, and a testament to the creativity and technical expertise of the team behind the Coronation Weekend celebrations.

The whole event provided a global platform for the technological advancements of the 21st century, showcasing the capabilities of light technology to create moments that move people. As the advancement and popularity of light design continues to grow there is no doubt we are still yet to see the full potential of this technology but we’re excited to see what’s to come next.