Unraveling the Wonders of the Las Vegas Sphere

19 Oct, 2023
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If you haven’t seen it on social media this past month, the Las Vegas strip has gained a new addition to its legacy with a ground-breaking immersive experience venue known as ‘The Sphere’. The new music and entertainment arena opened its doors at the end of September after a 4 yearlong build debuting the venue’s $2.3 billion construction with a two-hour U2 concert employing more than 160,000 audio speakers and its unique 360-degree immersive visual display.

Of course, the realm of immersive experiences is something we have a great passion in. So, as our team is over in Las Vegas this week for NBAA 2023, it was only right that they took a trip to the new MSG sphere to get the inside scoop into the ‘entertainment venue of the future’.

Where Art and Technology Converge

The Las Vegas skyline is infamous for its over-the-top visual splendor, but what really sets the new MSG sphere apart is its ability to seamlessly blend art and technology. Branded as the “largest sphere on earth’, the giant orb-shaped venue hosts the world’s largest 160,000 sqf LED screen, which so far has taken the shape of an animated emoji face, satellite view of earth, and even a giant eyeball… because why not?

It’s architecture the likes of which we haven’t ever seen, creating the largest canvas for artists, advertisements, and brand storytelling. It adds a whole new meaning to brand activations by creating brand moments that can be seen from space, – now that seems like a new way to break through the marketing clutter. And with its current social media popularity, you would certainly reap the brand rewards of your (large) investment.

A Feast for the Senses 

Whilst the exterior is a marvel in itself, it’s within the venue’s spherical confines where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur. An enormous dome-shaped screen sits above a 30,000-audience capacity where experiential add-ons, wind, scents, and audio technology converge to create a mesmerizing multisensory experience, enveloping visitors in a symphony of colors, shapes, sounds, and motion. Imagine standing amidst vibrant landscapes, diving into the depths of the ocean, or even soaring among the stars—all within the span of a few moments.

The key to its immersive capabilities is – would you believe- the shape. David Dibble, CEO of MSG Ventures said, “The Earth is round, so for us to have an immersive, transportive experience for our audiences, you need to mimic the environment that people live in”. And when you think about it, flat 2D screens can only do so much, they provide the wow factor, but do they truly transport visitors to another world?

It’s clear the Sphere is a space that capitalizes on the advancements of technology, every element is considered. Immersive seats with an infrasound haptic system use deep vibrations so guests can feel the experiences. Even humanoid robots’ named Aura serve as greeters and hosts upon entrance to the venue.

Holoplot, a company harnessing the underlying physics of sound reproduction to transform audio technology created a custom-made speaker system designed for “every seat in the house to be the best seat”, and our team certainly found that to be the case.

But, is it truly groundbreaking?

Despite its ground-breaking technology, not all of the initial impressions of the Sphere experience have been positive. Whilst the novelty experience is fit for the Las Vegas strip, is it just an enhanced version of the art displays we’ve seen before?

Rumors have already been heard regarding the Sphere venue popping up in new locations. Whilst creatives and musicians will be intrigued enough to produce new content for its unique and demanding format, it’s up to audiences to accept and establish this enhanced type of sensory experience both in its messaging and its cost. With so much to stimulate the senses, many have already complained of feeling seasick and overstimulated, which has raised concerns as to the longevity of the space.

However, above all the Sphere symbolizes a new threshold for what’s possible in the world of multisensory experiences and how the top-level execution of these spaces can be achieved. Its influence is bound to echo across various fields, inspiring artists, technologists, and visionaries to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation further.

So, the next time you find yourself in Las Vegas, don’t just look at the Sphere from the outside. Step inside, let your senses roam free, and judge first-hand what they call the ‘future of experiences.’