5 Tips for maximising visitor engagement

Are you getting the most out of your exhibits, in terms of visitor engagement? Remember, it’s about the overall stand experience, not just tech! In what is a crowded marketplace getting recognised can be a challenge, but with our expert advice we’re sure you will stand out at your next exhibition.

Boost your Branding

Use three levels to strategically maximise your branding at your next exhibition. Logo positioning is essential to having a visual impact from key approach points. High level branding will attract visitors before they’ve even reached your exhibit. Mid-level branding clearly identifies the product or service divisions within your company in the first few seconds of stepping foot onto the exhibit. Lastly, use low level branding at eye level to display messages about your offerings, leading to valued conversations.

SatcomDirect stand

The bright side of life … or not?

You may not see the light, when it comes to increasing visitor engagement. But being switched on to this aspect of the exhibit is an affordable way to make a real difference.

The options are endless. Directional lighting to guide visitors towards product showcases and key marketing messages, without them even knowing so themselves. Give your logo the halo it deserves, with back lit lighting to grab the eyes of passers-by. If this isn’t enough, you may opt for subtle detailed lighting to create a private atmosphere.

 Avoid congestion!

A smooth flowing exhibition stand is on every exhibitors’ wish list and is key for maximising visitor engagement. It’s time to get strategic. Try to anticipate the route visitors will take and position your stand attractors accordingly.

When this is done well you can create the ultimate exhibit, whether you’re designing a comfortable environment for networking or an efficient space for product showcases and demonstrations.

Top Tip: Position key marketing messages at your targeted approach points. This will result in a higher volume of valued conversations entering the exhibit.

 Food for thought?

Hospitality is a given for most exhibitors, but delivering it successfully is another matter. Depending on the audience it can range from sophisticated dining area’s to selfieccino machines.

Ultimately, the engagement created through hospitality is what makes your exhibit memorable. Use it to make an impact, to strengthen existing relationships and secure your next big deal.

 Switch on the senses

Create an exhibit that activates multiple senses, whether it’s sight, smell, touch or sound! The popularity of social media makes video content the perfect opportunity to expand your engagement through sight and sound. Design a space which encourages visitors to create their own sharable content.

Videography is in growing demand. Event videos can add a lot of value to maximising engagement. We produced a great video for our client Qatar Airways at ITB Berlin.

See for yourself:

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Lauren Bennett5 Tips for maximising visitor engagement