Combining the Virtual and Physical world

Over the past 20 years, the digital age has mutated into the gigantic form it is today and has merged itself in the public’s everyday life. In turn, technology has incorporated itself into the brand experience industry too, enhancing exhibits into memorable experiences. It is important to fully understand your brands intentions for the stand, to make sure technology is used effectively. Ensuring the use of technology is innovative, entertaining, educating and relevant on a brands stand is what the team here at Cook and Associates do best.

Firstly, focus on what your main aims are, what you want to achieve from the stand and who your target audience is. From this, our design team will discuss what variations of technology can be integrated successfully, for example immersive or interactive. Focusing on the budget throughout the creative process to ensure the technology chosen is economical and relevant. It’s important not to add technology for technologies sake, everything on your stand should serve a meaningful purpose to help attract, understand and develop the brand experience of your delegates.

Secondly, technology can be utilised in different ways on an exhibition stand dependent on the scene. For example, Virtual Reality Goggles could be used to simulate a game, explore virtual locations or fully immerse delegates into a video. Technology can be used to attract, engage, communicate and inform delegates about your products or services. On the other hand, technology like a meeting app can not only help to control and organise the flow of traffic on a stand but can also be useful to gather contacts for marketing purposes.

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Anna BrayCombining the Virtual and Physical world