KEMET Electronics Switches on to Cook & Associates!

KEMET electronic components can be found in just about anything that has an on/off switch or plugs into a socket. Ranging from products the size of a grain of rice to the most sophisticated electronics in spacecraft and automotive vehicles, KEMET manufactures more than 4 million separate part types, and in 2017 sold 36 billion components. As it prepares to celebrate 100 years in 2019, KEMET today is a global leader in electronic component manufacturing, with facilities around the world and thousands of employees. Finding creative and exciting ways to exhibit KEMET’s products can be a challenge, with a demanding annual schedule of global events principally across the US, Germany and China. After Electronica 2016, Director of Marketing Communications Jennifer Escobar reached out to Cook & Associates after receiving positive input from a colleague that saw several booths designed by the team. The key objectives were to elevate KEMET’s show presence and maintain a consistent high quality brand profile at each and every show, as Jennifer explains: “We work in an extremely competitive market, and it is crucial to deliver a high impact and memorable brand presence. I wanted to evolve our booth design, incorporating more innovative technologies to display our products, while maintaining an inviting, open look and feel. We used Cook & Associates for the first time at PCIM 2017, introducing our new design. The reaction was extremely positive, both in terms of the booth quality, the customer service provided by the team throughout the process, and the impact with our customers.” “As a result, we continued to work with the Cook & Associates team during the remainder of 2017, with exhibits at EMC + SIPI Washington, D.C., EMC Europe and SpaceTech Expo. With our key event, Electronica 2018, on the horizon, this experience gave us complete confidence that Cook & Associates was the right partner for our 2018 schedule. Their customer service, attention to detail and understanding of our requirements is exceptional.

With my responsibility for managing all aspects of marketing including trade shows, it is great to know I have a trusted partner that will help me deliver our brand consistently and elevate our presence around the world.”

Jennifer concludes: “Citius, Altius, Fortius is my motto for 2018 and beyond. As our company is turning 100 years old, (not many companies can claim that!), it is very important that people understand our brand and what it stands for now and in the future. We are very much looking forward to Electronica 2018 and working together with the Cook & Associates’ team.”

cook_web_adminKEMET Electronics Switches on to Cook & Associates!