Aim Altitude’s Virtual Design Studio


Aim Altitude






AIX Hamburg


Aim Altitude set us the challenge to pioneer a space that reflected their high standards, expertise and experience at AIX. As the leading event for aircraft interiors which attracts more than 14,000 industry professionals, Aim Altitude’s 160sqm space needed to create the opportunity for networking and professional conversation, with a focus on their latest product range.

As Aim Altitude pride themselves on innovation and quality, their brand space had to be a metaphorical example of what they do best, whilst maintaining both design integrity and brand identity.

Our concept consisted of a double deck stand structured around two product displays and multi-levelled hospitality solutions. The products were an interesting challenge to incorporate, two areas were created, one being a practical and physical product display, the other a creative, digital concept booth known as “The Virtual Experience Studio”. A creative area where delegates can bring their customised aircraft interior space to life using virtual reality technology.

The immersive and engaging VR studio worked perfectly as a stand attracter pulling delegates off the show floor and into an experience of Aim’s brand. The studio provided an imaginative yet informative product display enticing users into conversation.

Visitors to the stand could experience physical feedback blended with digital customisation of an array of units. Trims and finishes, as well as ‘feature’ possibilities, are enabled for visitors to see in real time how different products could look within the cabin architecture.” –Ross Burns, Lead Industrial Designer at Aim Altitudes Cabin Interior Division.


The multi- levelled delegate experience was orientated around individual needs. The product displays led to an open galley bar and lounge area in the heart of the stand, the perfect welcoming space for entertaining and networking.  The use of the double deck allowed us to fulfil the requirement for private and confidential meetings with clients. By creating an upper floor level, we allowed a space for more personal presentations and conversations in private meeting rooms away from the busy show floor.