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The challenge was to transition our original concept for Dassault Systémes’ (DS) business chalet at the Farnborough Airshow 2020 into a virtual immersive alternative, delivering a memorable experience and seamless online engagement.



At the heart of both physical and virtual concepts was presenting the development cycle of a new aircraft – “Spirit of Excellence”, illustrating DS’ 3DS software and solutions. By deploying our Exhibition 3.0 virtual event concept, we were able to deliver on all counts – re-imagining the event brief with the client team to create something entirely new, innovative, and exciting for customer groups.


The physical recording environment was built on-site studio in Dassault Systems Paris HQ to create a top of the range live streaming environment that allowed presenters to be in full control of their live software presentation. Our 2-way presentation software Connect allowed for free-flowing communications allowing for a natural perception of reactions and emotions as well as the ability to do live in person Q+A sessions. Connect is a secure, robust yet simple video conferencing platform which allows for seamless conversation across the globe via a simple link with no delay- a dealbreaker to the success of the event.



The content of the presentations was highly technical and needed to be understandable for various levels of knowledge, we developed a fully live augmented reality layer that the presenters could deploy whenever appropriate. This gave them supplementary tools to explain complex concepts – for example using an animated 3D model to detail how the airflow is affected by changing different parts of the wing of a concept aircraft.



With our custom-designed virtual environment, the participants felt equally part of the action, collaborating, and interacting naturally and spontaneously. It proved to be a highly successful alternative to the Farnborough Airshow, enabling DS to connect with its customers, listen to their challenges, explore action plans, and work collectively towards a more sustainable future.


With 35 sessions over the 4-day event, we provided the environment for a dynamic engagement – with DS reporting high level attendance from leading global brands in the aviation and supply chain including Rolls Royce, Airbus, Boeing, JLR, Expo Group, and GKN. The event plenary sessions attracted 550+ external senior level registrations from 25 countries, with a total of 1.2k views overall.