Everything you need to know from CES 2023

27 Feb, 2023

We’re always on the lookout for exciting new ideas in the event world, and nothing gets the creative juices going as much as hot new technology! Since the world’s biggest consumer electronics show – CES – kicked off our year in January in Las Vegas, we’ve been analysing some of the new arrivals launched this year, along with some other interesting developments that could find their way into the event world.

5D in the Virtual World

Remember scratch and sniff promotions? Well, how about smells in the metaverse? From Japanese company, Aromajoin comes a new video platform that combines with its Aroma Shooter tech to produce scents that complement what’s on their screen immersing them in the content they’re consuming, with over 100 fragrance options currently available.  And OVR Technology has launched a wearable device that produces smells or scents for use with VR technology. Designed to copy the human sense of smell, the device links smells to elements a person can experience in a digital, VR-powered world. So imagine smelling a flower, or being in the middle of a field, walking through a shopping mall past restaurants accompanied by digital scent technology!

Aroma Shooter

On a similar tack, how about a wearable VR vest that helps you experience touch?  Skinetic is a new design of vest with 20 small motors that produce a wide range of different touch sensations.  It could add a whole new dimension to VR demos on future stands if both touch and smell elements are incorporated.

Event life = Easier

All of us know what it’s like trying to make phone calls in busy public places – especially at big events.  A new concept from French startup Skyted, backed by Airbus, involves a pair of voice-absorbing masks.  The company teamed up with industrial design studio PriestmanGoode to create the new masks, which are primarily intended for crowded or confined spaces. No longer the awkward looks whilst you’re on the phone!

Getting around massive venues and shows (think of the international air shows or Mobile World Congress) can be a challenge as well, so a new arrival from another French company, startup AtmosGear, could be the answer!  Its electric inline skates are designed to allow users to ride some 30+ km on a single charge, with the option for operating without power or with a waist-worn power bag. Definitely a new way of getting around…  not sure if this will catch on!

Demo Stations? Sorted.

We are always on the lookout for interesting new immersive tech ideas, and here’s one we like. Asus has launched a new series of laptops that allow 3D content to be viewed without the need for 3D glasses.  Its spatial vision technology uses biconvex lenses built into the display together with cameras that monitor the position of the user’s head and eyes in real-time.

On the headset side of the coin, a Chinese startup Ant Reality has unveiled their view of the future with AR, VR and mixed reality glasses with 1080p resolution – capable of lasting up to three hours with the use of miniature rechargeable batteries that sit inside the glasses. Now, there’s a new way to immerse your delegate in your product.

Ant demo CES 2023

*Charlie Fink

Just got used to using QR codes?  Well maybe AR technology will displace it sooner rather than later.  South Korean startup Arbeon has created a new mobile app that uses cameras on your smartphones to aggregate all the social media data just by scanning a single item.  They then automatically produce a visual hashtag of all the other internet-related content – an interesting way of redirecting customers to external links via a quick product/logo scan.