NBAA 2019

4 Nov, 2019

We flew over to Las Vegas in October for the annual leading event for the global aviation industry, NBAA. Bringing together business leaders, government officials, manufacturers and other business aviation professionals over the course of 3 days. Our challenge: To transform our client’s spaces into brand owning environments, using their platform to create moments that shift the market.



Following our 25+ years’ experience NBAA working alongside major players in the aviation and aerospace industry, Textron Aviation, the umbrella company for Beechcraft, Cessna and Hawker, wanted to make an impact with their fresh and bright exhibition stand. Looking for a way to draw in delegates whilst creating a space to entertain guests lead us to a curved design interjected with harsh lines throughout to add a crisp and engaging design with a hidden bar area. Incorporating the infamous object recognition containing Textron’s data and product information and with added back end ROI tracking all its sales data from the event for reference at future shows on the open side of the stand to welcome delegates.

Digital innovation is a hot topic at Cook HQ at the moment as we continually look for new ways to ignite brand engagement. In turn, technology swept our clients stands at NBAA this year with Avfuel’s cash giveaway stand attractor, Avpro’s interactive kiosk and Greenwich Aerogroup’s customised brand software with added ROI integration on their touchscreen and mobile devices.

We once again worked alongside Jetcraft for their outdoor multi-tiered experience leading you through the display of luxury jets for sale into the hospitality chalet. The experience plan enticed the guests to absorb Jetcrafts product display encouraging them to linger and enjoy the hospitality, drinking cocktails under the Nevada sun allowing the planes to speak for themselves.

A busy show for us as we partnered with 6 of our clients including MEBAA to ensure their presence at the show remained poignant in preparation for the 2020 show in Dubai.

Our annual journey to America for the NBAA show is always an enjoyable experience and we look forward to 2020 when we head out for hopefully another great show.