Bring the Exhibition to you

22 Oct, 2020
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2020 has brought unprecedented change and uncertainty to millions of people and businesses across the globe. In many countries, mass gatherings are prohibited, and with quarantine restrictions still in place in many countries, the event and trade show industry is continually finding ways to adapt to the world’s new rules. Already this year we have been at the centre of rapidly developed digital communication platforms, and virtual exhibitions and showrooms. One thing that has never gone away, however is the desire to place products and people in front of potential clients.

Trade Shows and events are a pivotal part of an organisation’s strategy to gather new leads, seal deals and build valuable supplier and client relationships. With the cancellation and postponement of these traditional marketing methods, companies have revealed that their ability to gain new leads is down by almost 90%. Even though virtual events are a viable alternative, online marketing can only go so far, so how can you fill the gap?

A roadshow brings you directly to your customers’ door and puts you firmly in the driving seat. Eliminating prospects’ travel and cancellation risks, as well as putting you in control of health and safety to ensure your roadshow is Covid-secure in line with WHO guidelines on PPE, sanitisation, temperature checker, etc.

Roadshows aren’t a new concept to the event world; they have been utilised by a variety of global companies for many years. The premise of a roadshow is simple: take your presentation to the client. In recent years this concept has evolved to deliver immersive brand experiences through interactive technology as well as the human touch. Roadshows are often done in a sequence of locations via a portable booth or a mobile fit out. So, if your audience can’t come to you, take your event to them.

We delivered a roadshow of our own for major client Jetcraft Corp earlier this year as they looked for an innovative way to take their product to the world. The sleek booth was designed and delivered in a Covid-safe environment ready for the first leg of their tour in the Business Aviation Terminal at Nice Côte d’Azur Airport. With the booth manned 12 hours a day, old and new clients alike stopped by for a socially distanced chat over a coffee. It proved to be a win-win concept – giving them a safe way of taking the brand to the consumer, and much more sales success than expected – they gained more leads and prospective clients, helping their sales development to continue. Check it out:

The roadshow enables brands and organisations to manoeuvre their marketing strategy around government restrictions. Roadshows are so easily adaptable to accommodate a multitude of events like Nike’s shoebox product launch popup for their latest trainers or the Spotify on tour concert bus. Both of which enabled the brands to reach a wider marketing platform, grow awareness of their latest products and add a personal, human element to the corporation that created a memorable brand experience.

In a world that turns around digital, going against the curve allows you to stand out from the crowd and positions you above your competitors. Until the show floor is ready once again, showing the world you’re ready via alternative roadshow methods propels your brand forward and reflects your business in a professional and fun environment where conversations can just flow.