Influencer Marketing- How could this find a way to the show floor?

2 Dec, 2021
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The term influencer can be traced back to the early 1900s originating with fictional characters in books and even to the likes of the monarchy. Influencer Marketing isn’t a new trend, celebrity endorsements have been utilised in advertisements and partnerships since the 1970s, brands like Nike and Adidas have worked with celebrities to advocate their products in exchange for publicity.

Since the growth of social media channels over the past decade, the “age of influencers’ really came into its own. The appearance of bloggers, YouTubers and even TikTok stars skyrocketed influencer marketing into the 21st century, they’re mass following enabled brands to leverage their influence by sending them free products and payments to promote their company.

Tik Tok Marketing

The massive following these influencers have can build a digital brand presence among a variety of audiences practically overnight. 71% of marketers say the quality of customers and traffic from influencer marketing is better than other sources. So, if it’s so good, how do we utilise this within events in an effective and rewarding way?

The event world is a very different place, marketing requirements orientate around both a product and service to create the experience, not just one. The addition of influencer marketing into the event plan can build awareness and buzz around the event that ordinary social media or EDM campaigns simply can’t achieve.

Influencer marketing is an investment, it takes time to get right to ensure maximum results. So, to make sure the investment is worthwhile a detailed plan campaign must be in place in order to get the maximum output before, during and after the event to boost awareness, increase sales, and increase engagement rates.

Choosing the right influencer

The key part of the process is to pick the correct person for your brand, the right influencer can tap into an audience who may not have heard about you but share the same interests. High profile influencers can be good to build confidence with an audience but sometimes a popular celebrity can pull the focus from the brand as they get lost in a mist of star-struck glory and they’re harder to relate to.

The trick is to choose a trusted source, not just any celebrity but someone who is authentic and honest. It’s easier for audiences to believe people who are a little more real and down to earth. If you really want to push the boat out (if the budget can justify it) several influencers can be utilised to draw attention to your brand. More people = wider audience reach.

Raise Awareness

The key thing is to utilise your influencer(s) effectively. The campaign has to begin months before the show even begins to create a pre-show buzz. Whether it’s a festival, an exhibition, a conference or even an awards evening, having a recognised name draws awareness to your event and spotlights your brand.

The type of content you ask an influencer to produce will determine whether an audience is interested in your brand or the individual. Let your influencer speak for themselves and put their own spin on it. They need to talk about your event as one not to be missed, not just because the influencer is there but because of how amazing the event is going to be!

Utilising their digital platform means you can track the progress of the campaign, how many people clicked through? How many people viewed it? What audience type was the most interested? All these figures and details can be tracked through analytics.

Live time

When the event is live, your impact is only as far as the show floor. Inviting your influencer(s) to the event means that the event is being shared with their masses of followers. This builds an intrigue, it makes people want to be there and entices them to book for the following year.

Keep it going

The magic of the internet works for itself here. Anything you post online has a permanent impact, so anything posted on social media or to the internet by your influencer acts as a constant reminder to audiences of your amazing event – almost like prolonged marketing.

You can reap the benefits of brand awareness long after the show finishes and extent the impact of your event.