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GKN Aerospace is the world’s leading supplier to the aerospace industry. Their mission? To shape the “future of flight” by helping aircrafts fly faster, further and greener.  As a company renowned for their commitment to sustainability, when we were approached by GKN in 2019 to revolutionise their event plan, our ambition was to create a 3-part show series that reflected GKN’s strategic ambition of achieving a net zero carbon footprint by 2050.

GKN are innovators of technology and engineering. So, throughout their show series, the design concept had to embody their sense of leadership and excellence as they set new standards for the future of aerospace. Their driving force on sustainability was the basis for creating a design and space that could be re-used and recycled throughout the stand series, without compromising or constraining GKN’s stand requirements.

Textures and clean lines orientate the GKN brand, elements that we wanted to incorporate into the stand design to radiate the same energy that underpins their clear brand messaging. Our solution was an open design plan, using framing and height to maximise the use of space, creating a free-flowing environment to promote interaction and engagement. The bespoke modular design was conceived to fit a variety of stand spaces, incorporating adaptable desk heights, scalable meeting rooms and flexible space for immersive zones.

An unforeseen challenge came in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, turning what was to have been a 3-part show series into a long-term show run. Calculated logistics, supplier research and clever planning enabled us to create a sustainable project from JEC 2019 world to JEC 2022. 3 Local sitings of stand structures built and stored in each continent are reconfigured and built for each show in that region. All materials are re-used and put together slightly differently based on the technical drawings/regulations for each show space. To date, the design has already been utilised at 8 different events across America, Europe, and Asia:

+ JEC World 2019 + 2022
+ DSEI 2019 + 2021
+ MRO Europe 2019
+ Singapore Airshow 2020 + 2022
+ MRO America 2019 + 2022
+ MRO Asia 2019

Central to our creative concept was providing a space for technological engagement, where delegates can connect with GKN’s products, brand, and ideas no matter where they were in the world. Our response was to create an immersive zone at the front of the stand, an open space that irrespective of the stand position would always be fully visible and accessible, acting as a stand attractor to maximise footfall and engagement. The AR model enabled delegates to manoeuvre the aircraft, discover new elements, specific details and explore 3D interactive hotspots with additional information. The change to digital adds a further environmental element, complementing the emissions reduction achieved by avoiding shipping and representing a cost-effective solution to reusability.

You go around a show floor and something has to stand out for you and that’s what brought me in, in the first place with Cook + Associates with their step change in quality and delivery I was easily lured in. We’re currently 5 shows in with this specific stand and it still looks brand new. Their attention to detail, professionalism; nothings ever too much of a problem for the team and I wouldn’t dream of doing this without them.” – Sarah Grant, Global Events Manager

The exhibit strategy has positioned GKN as a strong player in the market, presenting a professional and innovative image that has delivered consistent brand awareness across the globe receiving Best Reusable Stand at this year’s World Exhibition Stand Awards. GKN has been able successfully to connect with key members of their customer and supply chain organisations, demonstrating that “reusable” does not in any way diminish quality and impact.