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Cook + Associates are honoured to have partnered with our long-term client Textron Aviation earlier this week to support the delivery of their Textron Aviation Airlift at the Special Olympics USA Games 2022. Occurring every 4 years, the games offer athletes from across the nation the opportunity to compete in summer sports including many of the 32 Olympics-type Sports. The Special Olympics celebrates and promotes a more inclusive world, where every single person is accepted and welcomed, regardless of ability or disability to “Shine as One”.

The Textron Aviation Airlift began in 1987 to provide athletes and coaches transportation to and from the games with support from their customers and sponsors. Across the day on Saturday 4th June, 136 Aircrafts took off and landed approximately every 2 minutes, transporting more than 800 athletes and coaches to the welcoming ceremony. Coca-Cola, serving as Dove 1, was the first aircraft to land at the Orlando Executive Airport marking the official arrival of the Olympic torch.

As athletes arrived at the event, they were welcomed down the red-carpet runway complete with flags and fences to the welcome hanger to create a special aviation experience for the games. The welcome hanger was decked out with a presentation stage, viewing platform, luxury hospitality, and DJ to kick off the event in style.

Down the runway was the crew tent, prepped and ready with a hospitality section for the pilots to relax before jetting off again. A catered buffet complemented with luxury seating, a VIP lounge and a terrace provided the perfect environment for casual conversation and celebration. Storage within the tent also hosted the athlete’s luggage ready to be taken to their hotels as well as service desks for clearance/fuel as well as the Federal Aviation.

“It was a great privilege to partner with Textron Aviation to deliver their Special Olympics Airlift and underlines our long-standing relationship with TA to create something uniquely special. The event is a celebration of diversity and inclusion and we’re proud to be a part of that movement”- Kim Bradbury, Managing Director

Despite the poor weather, the event was a huge success for both Textron Aviation and the Special Olympics organisation. Providing the athletes with a once-in-a-lifetime aviation experience and delivering them safely for a fantastic week of activities in Orlando. Following the games, the airlift will then be in action once again to return the athletes to their home bases.

If you want to find out more about the Textron Aviation Airlift or see more about the Special Olympics, click here: