Brave New World pt 3- Engaging Innovations

26 Oct, 2021

Over the past few years of events, the show floor has seen a rapid change in innovative and engaging technology, creating some of the coolest and smartest tech of the 21st century.  The world of virtual events highlighted this dramatic revolution when just last year, we launched our Exhibition 3.0 concept – our answer to the urgent need to deliver virtual events with a genuine human touch.

As the demands of our new event landscape have continued to evolve, our focus has been on using technology to enhance the physical show floor experience. Hybrid has been the word on the street, bridging the gap between virtual and physical environments.  Read more about the world of Hybrid in part 1 of our series here.

But technology isn’t just hybrid-related, the covid era ignited a behaviour change. After over a year of working from their homes, delegates want to experience something new and exciting creating a wow factor. So, we have been analysing some of the latest and greatest innovations to inspire your next event:

1. Interactive Projection Mapping Installations

To put it simply, interactive projection mapping is the use of technology to manipulate and project imagery onto a surface. These projections can range from 3D animation to video and are used on everything from floors to buildings. To make the technology interactive, a sensory pad is connected to the projector and computer software, when triggered by pressure the animation reacts to your body.

The show-stopping spectacle is bound to draw attention in from the show floor, creating a memorable experience that will be talked about and shared.

Credit to AMBC Productions

2. Augmented Reality Based QR codes

The magic of AR combines the physical with the digital world. Traditionally, this was achieved using an interactive screen over a physical object, allowing delegates to explore information in a creative and exciting way.

So, in a covid safe world where we needed to minimise contact points, what are the options? We explored the use of QR and NFC technology via mobile phones, utilising your phone screen instead. This concept not only brings AR to a more personal level but provides a great tool for measuring the success of engagement at your show by providing specific ROI figures. The QR code compiles analytics on how many people scanned the code, how long they engaged with the product before moving on and even what they were most interested in looking at.

3. Body Mapping Motion Sensors 

Microsoft was ahead of the game with this one when they created the Xbox Kinect back in 2010, using motion sensor capture to reconstruct and simulate your body’s movement in a digital world. The technology has since been developed further, being utilised on mobile phones via apps like social media giant Snapchat- tracking the movements of your face to create animations, interactive games and more.

The software is such an interesting way to immerse your delegates into your brand without using Virtual Reality Goggles. The technology is perfect for creating interactive games or competitions that orientate around your brand; the possibilities are endless!

4. Gesture Recognition Interactions

Since the Covid outbreak, gesture triggered interactions across the world have been vastly growing, not just in the event sector but in everyday life, like hand sanitiser stations or taps, removing the need for touchpoints.

Gesture Recognition sensors translate human gestures into mathematical algorithms that trigger a response. Sensors such as motion, facial recognition or cameras understand various human behaviours to achieve an outcome. This can be utilised in a variety of different ways on the show floor from activating machinery or products, to games or displays/presentations. The list is endless!

5. Mobile Technologies

On average, people spend 5 hours on their phones every day. Now, what would happen if 10 minutes of that time is spent engaging with your brand?

Every person at a live event is a potential promoter, from games to social media apps, encouraging people to utilise their mobile phones on the show floor is the best way to spread brand awareness and keep delegates engaged. Utilising picture-worthy backdrops, QR codes, hashtags, personalised games and live show apps are just a couple of the ways to ensure you leave a lasting impression of your brand on your delegates phones whilst making the most of free promotion!

The benefit of these mobile technologies allows for real-time engagement and ROI results. For example, asking people to go through data capture provides you with a huge lead list and tells you what they were most interested in!

New technology for the events industry is continuously changing, staying on top of the latest trends and technologies enhances your delegates event experience and keeps them hooked on what’s coming.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with us to see how we can transform your next brand event.